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Operating Procedure

I. Purpose:

In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment and smooth production, this operation procedure is prepared to ensure the customer’s production plan and product quality as well as the maintenance of the equipment in the later stage.

II. Scope of use:

Pipe production: pipe manufacturing workshop department.

III. Detailed operating procedures:

1. Startup procedure

(1) Before starting the machine, according to the lubrication requirements, inject different lubricating oil to the parts of the equipment that need to be filled with lubricating oil.

(2) First check if each electrical switch is in the 0 positions, then turn on the power.

(3) Check whether all parts of the equipment and the pneumatic system are normal. If there is any abnormality, it should be checked and eliminated in time to avoid equipment accidents.

(4) Check if the gear position of the transmission is correct. If the pipe is not correct, the quality of the pipe will be produced. Check whether the pressure gauge of the cutting machine reaches 0.5-0.7mpa. If it is not reached, it cannot be cut.

(5) Every morning to work, let the motor run for 2-3 minutes, the transmission gear position is 0, and the rotating part should not be wiped when starting.

(6) When the equipment is started, the operator can’t leave the machine table, and it is not allowed to do other unrelated things. The operator should pay attention to the state of the pipe in production, especially whether the welding part is normal, whether the pipe is perforated or not. Whether the accuracy and length of the pipe are accurate, whether the port of the cutting pipe has burrs or the like, if it is found, report the situation to the technical engineer and solve the problem in time.

(7) It is strictly forbidden for operators to wear gloves to wear, long-sleeved clothes must wear hand sleeves, long hair must wear a hat, operators should pay attention to operational safety, so as not to cause accidents.

(8) Correctly adjust the mold, can not forcefully press down, in place, otherwise it will easily lead to component damage.

(9) During the pipe making process, the strip must be approved by the workshop director and stored in the release zone, and the operator of the sling should record in detail on the “Production Process Card”. Do not discard it at will, and obey the rules and regulations of the workshop.

(10) If abnormal phenomena such as smoke, burnt smell, suddenly blown fuse, the sudden extinguishing of the indicator light, etc. are found during operation, the power switch should be turned off in time to be checked clearly, and then turned off after the fault is removed.

2. Shutdown procedures

(1) Wait until the welder stops and turns off the power.

(2) Carefully wipe the gage with a clean cotton cloth and place it in the box and put it into the toolbox.

(3) Pack all the fixtures on the machine tool and classify them separately, store them in the toolbox.

3. On-site finishing and shifting

(1) Clean the surrounding area of ​​the equipment by 1 meter 20 minutes before the shift, including the window sill corresponding to the equipment.

(2) Clean the floor plate and wipe the entire equipment clean.

(3) Pull the scrapped stainless steel pipe out of the designated position.

(4) When you get off work, put the specifications and counts produced by yourself, the perforated pipe (count) and waste (kg) on ​​the production record card, and check the statistics of the workshop and fill in the “production process card”. The operation of the successor’s machine and the things that should be paid attention to, cleaning the machine and the regional health can leave.

(5) Remind the handover personnel to pay attention to the opening or not of water, gas and electricity, and to use and use the consumables such as thousand impellers, saw blades and welding pins.


This operating procedure is for reference. The actual operating procedures are adjusted according to the production workshop of your company. If you need help, you are welcome to call us for more information.

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