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Pre-Sale Service
1. Solve The Investment Consulting Problem Of The Stainless Steel Pipe Industry For Customers;

2. Develop Appropriate Plans According To Customer’s Production Process Requirements;

3. According To The Production Process Planning Requirements, Plant Management Requirements, The Company’s Development Direction, Etc. To Provide Customers With Plant Planning Advice, Plant Arrangements, Such As Functional Division: Production, Warehousing, Office, Life, Yard, Etc.;

4. Discuss With The Customer The Overall Development Trend Of The Global Stainless Steel Industry, Especially The Analysis And Forecast Of The Status, Prospects, Development Trends, Development, Import And Export, And Competition Pattern Of The Asian Stainless Steel Industry;

5. Provide Customers With Free Access To The Production Process Of The Stainless Steel Pipe Production Line Of Our Company (Customer) Factory.
In-Sale Service
1. Provide Management Documents And Articles Of Association For The Entire Production Process;

2. Provide All Types Of Material Specifications And Manufacturer Information In The Production Process;

3. Provide Production Cost Calculation Methods And Process Cost Related Information;

4. Provide Steel Striping, Calendering Cost Calculation, Model Specification Calculation, Manufacturer Information, Etc.

5. Provide Relevant Dimensions Of Packaging Materials And Related Technical Materials;

6. Provide Factory Design And Infrastructure Guidance Work;

7, Talent Supply: Technology, Management Personnel, Plan Staff Arrangements.
After Sales Service
1. Provide Mechanical Related Transportation Premium Information, Be Responsible For Cargo Loading And Charge Transportation Related Procedures, And Always Pay Attention To Cargo Safety And Process Time;

2. Provide Technical Documents On Mechanical Installation, Maintenance, Operation, Etc.;

3. Provide A List Of The Main Component Materials Of The Equipment;

4. Responsible For The Installation Instructions Of The Equipment And The Commissioning Of The Equipment;

5, Provide Product Warranty For One Year (Within The Scope Of Equipment Warranty, Man-Made Damage Is Not Guaranteed, Wearing Parts Are Not Guaranteed);

6. Provide Paid Services After The Expiration Date;

7. Charge D’affaires For All Matters: Such As Helping Customers To Apply For Documents, Helping Customers Find Industry-Related Products, And Providing Information On The Relevant Industries Of The Welded Pipe Industry;

8. Provide Limited Space For Our Company, And Store The Products Of Other Companies For Short-Term Storage, And Send Them By Post.

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