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Square Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

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China Factory Price Ss Metal Square Stainless Steel Tube Pipe Making Machine. US $15000-20000 / Set. 1 Set (Min. Order).


. Main Technical Parameter

ModelDiameterThicknessSpeedCutting LengthTotal Power
BSBG-32Ф9mm-Ф32mm0.2mm-1.8mm≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm16.7KW
BSBG-40MФ9mm-Ф50.8mm0.2mm-2.0mm≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm18.7KW
BSBG-40LФ25mm-Ф63mm0.2mm-2.5mm ≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm22.5KW
BSBG-50Ф25mm-Ф76mm0.2mm-2.5mm≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm23KW
BSBG-60Ф50mm-Ф114mm0.3mm-3.0mm≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm27KW
BSBG-60LФ50mm-Ф127mm0.3mm-3.5mm≤10m/min2.5m-6m, ±2mm34KW



. Working Process:

Uncoiling – Forming – Welding – Main Transmission Control System – Bead Grinding – Sizing + Straightening – To Length Cutting – Unloading



. Machine Main Components


Round ss tube mill machine Uncoiler

2.Forming Machine

3.Welding Machine

ss tube mill machine Welding Machine

4.Grinding system for outside welding bead

5.Cooling System

6.Sizing & Straightening Device

ss tube mill machine Sizing & Straightening Device

7.Cutting Machine

stainless steel pipe cuting machine

8.Product Rack ( Run out Table)

ss tube mill machine Product Rack

9.Electrical System


.Stainless Steel Tube Application

Staircase Handrails, Security Door And Window Pipes, Guardrail Pipes, Train Interior Pipes, Mop Poles, Shoe Racks, Tables And Chairs, Beds, Etc.


.Stainless Steel Pipe Machine Operation Manual

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