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Stainless Steel Polishing Machine Operating Procedures

I. Purpose

1. In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it can effectively ensure smooth production and meet product requirements.
2. Effective maintenance of the equipment
3. Develop reasonable operational guidelines to ensure production planning and product quality requirements are met


II. Scope of use

Welded pipe production: polishing department
III. Rules
1. Ensure that the external equipment is cleaned and the relevant cleaning records are available when the shifts are handed over.
2. Accurately master the operation of each machine before work and shift shifts to ensure normal production. Pay attention to whether the power supply is energized, whether the thousand impeller, the hemp wheel, the cloth wheel and the wind cloth wheel are normal.


IV. Boot

1. Before starting the machine, according to the lubrication requirements, inject different lubricants to each position where lubrication is required.
2. First, stick to the position of each power switch, then turn on the power.
3. Check whether the mechanical parts are normal. If there is any abnormality, check and eliminate them in time to avoid mechanical equipment failure.
4. Allow the motor to idle for 2-3 minutes before going to work every morning. The operator is not allowed to leave the machine when starting up.
5. It is forbidden to start with gloves, long sleeves must have sleeves, long hair must wear a hat
6. Do not wipe the rotating parts when starting up.
7. Correctly adjust the grinding tool, can not force it down, it will be in place.
8. During the operation, it is forbidden to leave the machine and pay attention to whether the welding port is normal.
9. The polisher operator should first commission the machine and try to polish the stainless steel tube until it is qualified before starting production. In the working process, always check the quality of the stainless steel tube polishing, whether the finish is not enough, whether there is wear, whether the stainless steel tube is deformed after polishing, etc. Once found, stop the treatment immediately. Work with quality inspectors and do a good job.
10. Pay attention to the normal operation of the dust removal machine and the sanitation of the site during the polishing work. Do not throw cigarette butts and beware of fire. Pay attention to the savings in the use of consumables, waxing to do more and less. It is strictly forbidden to put the wax on the rubber wheel for consumption. The hemp wheel and cloth wheel should be replaced with the lowest position to save production costs. The hemp wheel, the cloth wheel and the wax head that cannot be used should be placed in a centralized manner. Used blades and parallel belts should also be placed in a concentrated manner.
11. If abnormal phenomena occur during operation, such as smoke, burnt smell, sudden blown fuse, and sudden extinguishing of the indicator light. The power check should be turned off in time to restart the operation after troubleshooting.


V. Downtime

1.Turn off the power
2. Wipe the measuring tool with a clean cotton cloth and store it in the box for storage in the toolbox.
3. Clean up all the fixtures on the machine and categorize them in the same place and store them in the toolbox.


VI. On-site finishing handover

1. Clean the machine and machine 1 meter range 20 minutes before work, including the corresponding window sill
2. Clean the floor and the bottom of the machine and wipe the entire machine clean.
3. Pull the scrapped stainless steel tube out of the designated position
4. Polish the production record and fill out the Production Process Card. Register the quantity of production and the amount of scrapped.
5. After the successor arrives at the post, confess to the relevant production matters and the machine before leaving.

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