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Stainless Steel Tube Mill Machine
Our machine are able to produce stainless steel pipe/ tube under mass production. The process of machine works starting from flatting, forming, welding, annealing, polishing, sizing, straightening, finishing, cutting and to tube unloading, can be achieved at one time. The stainless steel strips are made to go through various quality checks and are trimmed at the edges. 
Stainless Steel Tube Mill
SS Tube Mill Machine
Customized Tube Mill
SS Tube Mill Machine
Industrial Use SS Tube Mill
SS Tube Mill Machine
Construction SS Tube Mill
SS Tube Mill Machine
Round Pipe Polishing Machine
Pipe Polishing Machine
Square Pipe Polishing Machine
Pipe Polishing Machine
Product Application
Stainless steel tube mill can make different type of stainless pipe/tube which are round, square, flat square types. Widely used in all kinds of clothes racks, retractable poles, tables and chair legs, indoor handrails, ship and bus racks, and outdoor guardrails, etc.
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Blue Sky design and manufacture machines without compromises in order to guarantee maximum reliability to the Customer, continuity of production, consistently high quality of stainless steel tube mill machine, low cost of toolings and maintenance.

Established an automation R& D department to keep innovating. Designers with wide know-how reached in all the areas related to industrial types of machinery permit to offer a complete portfolio of product lines and accessories machines for the complete process of tube mills.


200+ Employees Factory with more than 30 Patents of Pipe Making Machines.


Well-equipped manufacturing facility with rich experience in Stainless Steel Pipe Making Industry.


Our Marketing & Service Team offer full Solution and on Installstion & Traning Technical Support.
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Specialized in the Production of Stainless Steel Tube Mill Machines Since 1992,We Choose High-Quality Cooperative Suppliers, only Use High-Quality Accessories & Components In Order To Provide You With The Best Products.
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Our machine adopts humanized design, featuring easy and safe to operate, labor saving, cost reduction, reducing lose and increase value of the product to reach high efficiency.  Even under Covid situation, our team can do the commissioning on time to ensure our customers can start their production on time.
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