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Analysis investment market

Analyze current for customers Stainless steel pipe investment market.

Plant planning

Plant planning and design
Water consumption, electricity consumption planning

Learn about the pipe industry

Let the customer detail Understand the links in the pipe industry.


Tailor-made high quality pipe making equipment for customers.

Professional worker

Contact the Professional tuning machine and polishing machine worker for customer

Assist in training

Can assist companies in training workers

Quality raw material supplier

Introducing quality raw material suppliers to companies

Professional installation

Send professional installation engineers to install the pipe machine
And debug out the qualified tube

We invested our pipe machine technology for Customer just like you that insist on a great user experience.

Services We Do.

We have facility to produce advance work various tube mill machine applications based on specially developed technology.

We are also ready to developement by according to users changing needs. Pipe Custom customization projects. Development & maintain machinery.

Have facility to produce advance various industrial applictions based on specially developed technology, 12 years experienced and knowledge international worked technologically changes & industrial systems, we are dedicated ut to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers.

Flattening Test

Is used to test the deformation of the metal tube to the specified size.

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Other Test

According to the special requirements of customers, we will negotiate with us to conduct experiments.

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Flanging Test

A method of forming a straight wall or a flange of a certain angle by using a mold to form a straight wall or a flange of a flange.

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Erode Test

In Factory Plus Chemical Research is a peer reviewed scientific journal, published since 1988 by the chemical society.

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pipe mill process

HangZhou ZhongTian

Hangzhou Zhongtian 2 Pipe Making Machines 2 Polishing Machine Projects.

stainless steel pipe manufacturers in Russia Kazan

Russia Kazan

Russia Kazan 1 Pipe Making Machine 1 Polishing Machine Project.

stainless steel tube uk


Poland BSBG-60 Tube Mill Project.

stainless steel pipe supplier philippines

Hissar India

Hyderabad India 2 Pipe Making Machines 1 Polishing Machine Project.


Success in the past, witnessing our brilliance and strength, but we will never stop!


Customers Feedback

The performance of this factory machine is ok, and the price is moderate.
- Jessica Jung, Purchasing Manager
Mr. Huang,is a experienced machine designer. With many years of experience in the overall planning and design of the factory, we have designed a feasible stainless steel pipe factory production solution at the lowest cost and in a relatively short time.
- John DOE, CEO
Our factory has been working with BlueSky Tube Mill for more than 3 years.The superior performance and reliability of the pipe machine is the prerequisite for our continued cooperation.
- Dwayene Martin, Production Manager

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High Precision

high requirements

Every component is strictly controlled to create a leading brand in the pipe industry.

One Stop Solution

Turnkey project

We provides complete solution for stainless steel pipe production lines.

No Worries After Buying

Perfect After-Sales Service

Excellent after sales service available

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