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SS tube polishing machine

The round pipe polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of round pipes,it offers economic solution for mirror finishing of tubes,using flap wheels,sisal wheels and buffs
> Increase 4 group cant polished,square pipe brightness improves 10%
> Polishing machine useful life increased to 10-15 years
> Machine weight increase,16T, improving the stability of equipment
> Polishing with a rubber wheel, high temperature ,strong wear resistance
Process flow
Stainless Tube polishing machine working video
Grinding Heads Q.T(pcs)12
Grinding Head Shaft40 chrome,after heat treatment black colour
Max. processing pipe dia. (MM)∮51-125
Processing Length(MM)1500-7000
Main Shaft Dia.(MM)36
Max. Wheel Install Length(MM)150-350
Max. Wheel Install Thickness(MM)150
Polishing Wheel Main Shaft Rotating Speed/Minute2300 rounds
Guiding Wheel Rotating Speed(Rounds/Minute)0-240 adjustable
Middle Plate∮51 rubber wheel
Main Motor3.0KW Inverter motor
InverterABB brand
Guiding Wheel Shaft30MM solid
Processing Piece(pipe) Inlet Speed(Meter/Minute)0-36 adjustable
Grinding Heads Motor Power(KW)12*7.5KW
Total Power(KW)92.2
Air Flow Pressure Scope0.2—0.6MPa
Material Inlet FrameAuto
Material Outlet FrameAuto pipe outlet
Grinding Heads Motor BrandSiemens
Electric ElementsDelixi
Electric Wire3*4㎡
Motor BaseExtra high for anti dust
High Speed BearingEach side two pieces
Machine Size L*W*H8500*1400*1750

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