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Structure Description of Stainless Steel Tube Mill  

Stainless steel tube mill is a special equipment for forming and welding various stainless steel pipes, alloy steel pipes and carbon steel pipes, which is suitable for liquid transportation pipelines in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

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TUBE INDIA 2022 Exhibition 23th-25th November’2022 @ Mumbai, Maharashtra (INDIA)

We, GUANGZHOU BLUE SKY MACHINE CO LTD are participating in the 9th All Indian Exhibition & Conference for the Tube & Pipe Industries - "TUBE INDIA 2022", which is going to be held from 23rd to 25th November'2022 at Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Goregaon East Mumbai, Maharashtra (INDIA), and we are at HALL-1, Stall No. E-71.

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What Is The Difference Between Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel And Ordinary Stainless Steel

Food grade stainless steel refers to the stainless steel material that meets the requirements of the National Standard of the People's Republic of China / Sanitary Standard for Stainless Steel Food Containers, GB 9684-88, and its lead chromium content is much lower than that of ordinary stainless steel. Indicator regulations Food grade stainless steel refers […]

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