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June 10, 2019

Ten Key Points For The Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Pipe Machine Equipment

Maintenance of the welded pipe equipment of stainless steel pipe making machines is very important. Proper maintenance can greatly extend the service life of the welded pipe equipment, improve its safety and stability, and ensure the quality of the welded pipe. However, many welders have seen that large machines such as stainless steel pipe machines feel more than enough and don't know where to maintain it. Some customers even expressed the hope that BlueSky Machinery's engineers entrusted them with regular maintenance and repair work.

BlueSky Tube Mill Machine will visit customers on a regular basis, understand the equipment we use at the customer's site, help customers to do maintenance work, communicate with the customer about welded pipe technology, welded pipe equipment maintenance rules, etc., which is highly recognized by customers, but after all, xxxx stainless steel pipe machine equipment business also It is relatively large and cannot be visited in person for maintenance work. As a result, BlueSky Tube Mill Machine engineers shared some of the key points in maintaining stainless steel tube equipment to help customers complete maintenance work independently.

Ten Key Points For The Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Pipe Machine Equipment:

  1. The horizontal frame is a two-way side exit truss bracket. When you need to replace the cymbal, loosen the outer bracket fixing bolts. Pull out the outer bracket and change the side, which is simple and convenient. The reduction of the frame is carried out separately on both sides, and the adjustment is flexible, convenient and high-precision.
  2. The vertical position can be adjusted horizontally or individually in the base. It can also be adjusted vertically and conveniently. Rolling bearings are rolling bearings.
  3. The loading frame adopts a rotatable parallel four-link cantilever double reel mechanism, which can be wound during the working process of the unit. This can reduce the preparation time and enable the device to be continuously produced without a curved needle.
  4. The center line of the first two welding grinding machine spindles is +/- 45° angle to the rolling center line and can be adjusted. The weld is polished from two directions in the staggered direction, the center of which is the center of the welder. The weld is directly ground at a 90 degree angle to the rolling centerline for better polishing.
  5. The electrical configuration of the stainless steel pipe welding unit adopts frequency conversion speed regulation.
  6. Using frequency control technology, the speed is sensitive, smooth, low noise, and lower power consumption.
  7. The molding machine and size are driven by a single motor, which is compact and easy to maintain. Lift, install, and easy to operate.
  8. Use the cross universal joint coupling to rotate, turn the button, long life, neat, beautiful, lightweight.
  9. The horizontal frame is a rotating frame that rotates through the worm gearbox and coupler. There is a 4-speed gearbox (1 reverse gear) between the worm gearbox and the motor, which makes the unit more convenient to operate and the rolling is more stable.
  10. For the oil pump setting of the internal leveling machine, although there is a filter inside, the customer still needs to carry out regular cleaning work to ensure that the oil pump will not be blocked. The air passage of the oxygen sensor should also be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive oil. Blocked to avoid short circuits.

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