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January 6, 2023

Structure Description of Stainless Steel Tube Mill  

Stainless steel tube mill is a special equipment for forming and welding various stainless steel pipes, alloy steel pipes and carbon steel pipes, which is suitable for liquid transportation pipelines in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

Structure of Stainless Steel Tube Mill:

1. Main Forming Machine: It is composed of two parts, the base, and the cross beam; the motor and reducer are mounted on the base, and there is a fixed frame and a movable frame installed on the cross beam by bolts.

2. Fixture: It is composed of three parts: bracket, chuck, and clamping mechanism; the bracket is fixed on the base, and the stands are adjustable; the chuck is installed in the end face of the bracket; the clamping mechanism is mounted on the movable frame.

3. Transmission & Electrical Control Systems: The motor drives the pulley to rotate the spindle and drive the fixture to move longitudinally or laterally to realize the welding process of the workpiece.

4. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems: The main function is to keep the workpiece stable during the heating process and guarantee it to meet certain accuracy requirements; At the same time, the flow rate of cooling water can be regulated to adjust the temperature of the workpiece to control the product’s quality.

5.Safety Protection Device: It is mainly composed of overload protection device and safety interlock device.

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